Script to KeePass safely in DropBox

Need: I want a multiple platform (Windows/x86/x64/Vista/XP/7) key manager available to my work, home, and well everywhere.

Resolution: KeePass in Dropbox

Problem: I am concerned that if my database is corrupted (which is likely if you are access it from multiple computers and accounts), I will loose all of my keys.


Keys are a valuable commodity, and they are what hackers are looking for when they access your computer. You should be encrypting them and you should be aware keyloggers could be hiding out even if your technically inclined.  So many people resort to key safes like Keepass.  Now, this allows us to have the 56 character keys that make brute force attempts almost humorous… almost…. That being said, dropbox now transfers files from your computer via ssl to the s3 data centers that place another 256 bit AES encryption on the files and your keypass database is encrypted already. Well this leaves you with a couple of problems.  1) because of this process there is a much greater likelihood of corrupted database files.  2) Dropbox only stores the last two revisions of a file.

Well, rather than launch keypass directly, use this script instead:

For /f “tokens=2-4 delims=/ ” %%a in (‘date /t’) do (set date=%%a%%b%%c)

IF EXIST KeePassX\back\%date%backup.kdb GOTO ENDME

copy howto.kdb KeePassX\back\%date%backup.kdb


KeePassx\KeePassX.exe howto.kdbexit

I am assuming that in your dropbox folder you have placed this .bat file and you have created a folder inside of dropbox called KeePassx. Please note that in line 3 you need to replace howto.kdb with your keypass database name. Here is my structure to make it more plain.

Stay safe!!!




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