DropBox Hack Map to a Drive in Windows

Well I just found a new DropBox Hack. Hmm hack is perhaps too strong, lets try value adding benefit via an under-documented MS Windows command line feature. But since everyone calls a cool feature a hack in these days, I am taking the liberty. So… Let me try to follow the dialog I used while explaining this to someone, I have faith that you will understand too.

What does it do? Nothing really, other than allow you to access dropbox from windows just like its another drive on your system.

How do I do it? Well its really easy click on start and type subst <drive> <folder>

Great now I have a cool mapped virtual drive, now how do I get rid of it? Type subst <drive> /d

I still dont get it? Hmm, should i draw you a picture? Fine lets say you want to create a D drive for your dropbox folder, and lets say your windows username is globalcynic. Look at the examples below. The first one will add your drive, and the second example will remove it.

subst d: “c:\users\globalcynic\Documents\My Dropbox”

subst d: /d

Hey that is cool, but how do I automate it? Well you could make it a batch file, or if your really adventurous could make it a service that looks to see if dropbox is running.


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