How Low has the Gaming Industry Sunk???

Are you kidding me? A friend is on a business trip in China, and we spent a few hours looking for a multi-player game to play. We ended up playing an old-school game called Transport Tycoon (actually we played a clone of it). Some of you may remember the good old days of 1995 when this game was popular (15 years ago). Well, i click on the find server button looking for a multi-player game and hundreds of results came up!!!!!!!!! Lets think for a minute… Hundreds of servers dedicated to playing a multi-player strategy game that died in the mid 90’s? Playing on a public server, players were joining and leaving, some were just spectating, but they were real players… I had to create a password server so my friend and I could have a chance to play this ancient game with a crappy interface without the sever pausing every time a new player joined.

HELLO GAMING COMPANIES… YES YOU… YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND YOU KNOW THE REASON THAT PEOPLE ARE PISSED AT YOU. Your obscene attempts of large-production high-priced games that don’t meet the demands of gamers all in some xenophobic attitude driven by your ‘Im a game developer’ mentality is shooting you in the foot. You are missing the point, and for some crappy clone game to be made in 1995 to have more personal servers than many of the games currently available is a shame and humiliation that should be taken in stride while making direction changes.

But in the meantime, while we have no good alternatives, you should check out the OpenTTD clone and play it up. It is an old style interface, but this clone has actually made some excellent improvements over the original game. I played it on linux, but I believe that there is a windows and mac version.


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